Monday, 7 October 2013

Redlands School Mural II

As promised, some updated photos of the mural I am doing for Redlands School Nursery:

I finished Smiley Shark, I need to do a little finishing work on the jellyfish, crab and starfish, but they're almost done! I really like how the bubbles have turned out, I think I'll add a load more towards the end when I can see how much space is left.

I still need to add in lots of little creatures to make it really fun. My favourite part is adding silly expressions to the incidental characters in my books, and I don't see any reason why a mural should be any different.

Some of the older kids peeped over the fence today, and asked me if I was going to add Fidgety Fish, so I'm going to pop him in next to the angelfish. I need to fill in some of the space on the sand, too, maybe with some more rocks and shells. Next time I'll be adding more greens and blues which will give it more depth. I try and stick to using a few colours at a time when I'm painting, it means I can keep the colours cleaner, and I don't have to keep going inside and washing my palette and brushes too often. It takes a bit of self-discipline though, because it looks better every time I add a new colour, so it's tempting to use them all at once!

I'm really pleased with how bright and colourful it is looking so far, it makes such a difference to the whole playground.

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  1. Oh I love it - I may well get Elsie to repeat her nursery year just to admire it at close quarters! Well done x