Thursday, 3 October 2013

My New Studio...

We're currently doing a whole lot of work on our house, and out of the dust and piles of tools and bits of wood things are finally beginning to take shape! This room was our old Family Room, and is now going to be my new art studio. I've spent far too much time poring over the Houzz website, if I'd spent as much time actually working on the house as I have spent on that flipping website it would have been done long ago.

The guys came to lay the new flooring this morning, it's quite a discreet coloured (i.e boring) vinyl, but I wanted something neutral so it fits in with any colour. It looks a bit like concrete which I like. It needs to have the skirting board put back in place, which will help it look more finished. In the photos the room looks dark, but it's actually a pretty light room, I need to sort out the electric lighting though because it hasn't got any at all at the moment.

My old study is very dark, with wood panelling and dark grey walls, and also it's full of clutter, so it will be great to start afresh and have a good clear out. I also bought a new (old) office chair which I am planning to restore. I'll blog about re-covering the chair too when I get a chance. I bought a plain white blind that I'm going to put up, I think I might stencil it so it looks something like this:

It is going to make a big difference to me to be working in such a light room, I can't wait!

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